Why Forgive - Part 1
Monday, January 16, 2023 by Lynne Stevens

Have you taken a tour of your heart lately? We like to save things. Do you have dribs and drabs of leftovers lining the sides of your heart? Is there trash left over from the past? What about doing a bit of spring cleaning in your heart?

What is forgiveness anyway?

I like to think of it as releasing someone from something they’ve done to you or yours that in some way caused harm.

Forgiveness is sometimes a one-time event, but it can take more than once to forgive an offence. Being willing to forgive and forgiving from the head is a good start; but in reality, it takes forgiving from the heart to complete the process. And then to bless the person who has harmed you.

And that is what it often is – a process. You have the intent to forgive and then you actually do the work of forgiving. You are the one with the ball and chain when you haven’t forgiven, and you are connected with the one you haven’t forgiven. Forgiving releases both of you.

Our own forgiving of others often does not seem easy. It can be a real struggle!

What forgiveness is NOT

Forgiveness is not condoning the behavior that led to the problem. It is not staying in a dangerous or difficult life situation. It is not pardoning the offender. It doesn’t mean excusing something or pretending it didn’t happen. It is not a lack of justice.

Consider the benefits of not forgiving

It allows you to hang on to anger and feel right. It gives you a way to be in control. It may even be a way to get back at someone.

Consider the reasons for forgiving

When you forgive, you find freedom to live in the present, and the forgiving changes your status from victim to victor – truly a worthwhile objective!

Forgiveness also cleanses your heart of the poison of resentment that can wreck your relationship with God, spoil your disposition, harm you physically, and steal your joy!

Forgiveness is healthy! Medical science has linked failure to forgive with all kinds of ailments – stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, backaches, stomach distress, diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems. Forgiveness is good for your spirit! It allows you to keep a good connection with God.

Willingness to forgive is a choice for non-believers, but not for Christians.

The One who has forgiven most is our heavenly Father who sent His only son into the world to call us back to Him. And He continues to forgive each of His children as they continue to make their way back to Him by listening and learning and following the Holy Spirit. Each day is a new opportunity to start fresh, that is as long we remember to repent and forgive others the night before.

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