It Helps to be Desperate!
Saturday, March 11, 2023 by Lynne Stevens

Are YOU feeling desperate? Is God trying to get your attention? 

Feeling desperate can get you to God, and having God in your life is the best thing you can do for yourself and the most wonderful way to live. Let me tell you my story.

God wanted my attention

I don’t know how long it took God to get my attention.

I do know that I had at least three serious automobile accidents. In one, as a result of a collision, my head went through the windshield; I heard a sound like many crickets and then screamed when I saw in the car mirror that I had no nose, just a skin flap where my nose used to be. I needed four reconstructive surgeries to have a nose that could breathe effectively and look reasonable on my face.

The next accident came after I sensed that an accident was waiting to happen to me. I got off the road and waited forty five minutes to head it off. Surely that was enough time. Not an hour later as I was heading north a car pulled out right in front of me at an intersection, and I hit it. It was not my fault; and thankfully, no one was hurt.

And then on a country road a car came out of nowhere from the opposite direction and headed right at me. I made a choice to live and somehow was saved from death.

I was afraid to take the wheel for quite a while.

I did not turn to God for help after any of these times, nor did I thank Him for saving my life over and over.

I am quite certain the Creator of the Universe was trying to get my attention.

I lost my job

Sometime later I believe that He took my job. My company was targeting older employees, so a case could be made that I was just the next in line.

Yet I was older and had planned to work “forever”, as I loved to work and could use the money.

I looked for work. It had always been easy for me to get jobs, and jobs that should have become mine did not become mine. I investigated different kinds of jobs and amazingly none of these lesser jobs became mine either.

I became desperate

I went in my bedroom and told God I was His, but I couldn’t do it on my own. Three weeks later I had a feeling I needed to head to the pool where I was a member. There I met another swimmer who with his son prayed over me in the hot tub and gave me a reference to Faith Worship Center, a church where transformation occurs in Pepperell, MA, where I met the Lord and became saved.

That was the only time that I ever saw him and his son at the pool.

Desperation can help us get to God!

I am wondering how many desperate people need to get on their hands and knees and cry out to God for help. Most of us are so stubborn we find it hard to turn to Him.

I believe this planet is taking its incarnation in love; we are being irradiated with the love of the Lord and all our “stuff” is surfacing to be healed. So many need His help.

Reach out to God

Please, if you are feeling desperate for any reason, reach out to the God who created you and loves you and He will find a way to get you the help you need.

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