Why Do We Hide from the Truth?
Thursday, April 20, 2023 by Lynne Stevens

I know people who are dealing with some pretty difficult physical consequences of refusing to acknowledge certain truths about themselves. 

Is your body trying to get your attention?

If you found yourself with a large cancerous growth on your butt, would you be able to sit with yourself long enough to wonder why your body would behave in that way? Would it occur to you to ask yourself where or who is the pain in the butt in your life? Maybe you are married to your first love; and, oh by the way, she bosses you around, and you have been “too kind” to mention to her that you don’t like being bossed around. Is it just possible that your body is trying to get your attention? Maybe you could step back from your troubles and decide to actually talk with your wife about changes in your relationship that would make life better for each of you.

Are you afraid to speak up? Does that fear relate to something that happened years ago? Is it just too difficult to think about?

Is it just easier to endure the difficulties of chemo than to reflect on your life and make changes or get help?

Why don’t we look?

I think it is because we just don’t want to believe that what we are seeing is true.

On some level we have a feeling that looking will hurt us emotionally, and we don’t want to feel the emotional pain.

People use all kinds of ways to deaden the pain often without realizing that is what they are doing. Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sugar, and staying overly busy are a few of the ways we deaden our pain.

If we aren’t willing to look now and feel the emotional pain, we may feel it later in issues that occur in our bodies – like heart trouble, arthritis, coughing spells, overweight, cancer, and the like.

It is truly a choice

Often people keep their deepest trauma, issues, and problems close to their chest and then unbeknownst to them operate out of their pain.

It is particularly tough to face being an incest survivor. But, if you have the courage and determination to look and keep looking, you will find that life can get better and better. If you know the Lord – and if you don’t, please get to know the Lord – ask Him for help, and help will come. It may not be easy, but it is certainly doable. Life can be so precious!


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