Lynne Stevens

Target Audience

Anyone with a problem who might be open to God, the unsaved, and incest survivors. Teen and older either gender any economic status.

Brief Bio

Lynne Stevens is a happy incest survivor with a passion in her heart to spread the word about the goodness of God. She has a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and experience working with incest survivors. Her book Look What God Can Do gives keys to changing the life of anyone open to God and is available in print or ebook on Amazon.



Suggested Interview Topics and Questions

  • Why would anyone want to read your memoir? 
  • It’s not an easy topic.
  • What was your motivation in writing it?
  • Did you always know you were an incest survivor?
  • How many incest survivors are there?
  • What kinds of difficulties do they encounter?
  • What brought you to God?
  • How did God help you recover from incest?
  • What do you mean by the goodness of God?
  • What life changing keys do you write about and are they readily available to anyone? 
  • What experience do you have working with incest survivors?


Connect with Lynne

Phone number: 978-201-6771


Email address: [email protected]